Music Under Ceej: All The Comedy With None Of That Pesky Being On Key.

The Music Is Under Ceej, But It's Also Off Key.


The Ceej is a parody artist first and foremost. In fact, he started with musical parody after listening to "Weird Al" Yankovic, who remains his biggest comedic influence to date. Mr. Yankovic also owns two of The Ceej's albums, and has endorsed The Ceej's work. The Ceej has four albums you may be interested in, but ten altogether. Due to our biggest demand being demand from the States, we accept payment in USD, but Payza can convert your currency for you (though additional shipping may be required depending on where you reside). If you want one, you may use the Buy Now buttons on each page. If you would like more information about The Ceej's music, alternative payment methods, or working for or with The Ceej on audio recordings you may click the contact link at the top of the page.

In addition to these albums, The Ceej has also performed his parodies live, including some not available on the albums.  For more about that, check out his Facebook.

Also, shipping prices are reasonable. $1.40 USD for single albums or $1.50 USD for double albums shipped to the United Kingdom, United States, or Canada. If you reside in a different location, or prefer an alternative shipping method, please use the contact link at the top of the page for more payment options.


Cover art for Armed & Gregarious

Armed & Gregarious (June 2015)

Cover art for PatriPSYCHotic!

PatriPSYCHotic! (May 2010)

Cover art for Singing In The Shower

Singing In The Shower (October 2009)

Cover art for Neko

Neko (April 2009)


There were others, before he got good at recording.
Cover art for the old The Ceej CD, Comin' Out The ClosetCover art for the old The Ceej CD, Give Me Hollywood Or Give Me Death!Cover art for the old The Ceej CD, CJ, You've Been Punk'dCover art for the old The Ceej CD, Burning Down The HouseCover art for the old The Ceej CD, Rock BottomCover art for the old The Ceej CD, Birling: For Spittle? Not Fair!

Recently, The Ceej upgraded from PayPal to Payza.  Hopefully this will make transactions easier and safer.  If you're interested in purchasing a CD from The Ceej, but are unable to check out through the Payza buttons, use the contact link at the top of the page, and we'll try to work with you.

One more thing: What The Ceej does isn't cheap, and donations are always much appreciated. The Ceej accepts donations in most fiat currencies through Payza and in Bitcoin:



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