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This is The Ceej's most ambitious comedy album to date. The 19 parody tracks, plus The Ceej's first original comedy song were ambitious enough, but he also spent five years tweaking lyrics and music, including trying many of these songs in front of live audiences.

In addition, many talented people have been directly involved with this album including Insane Ian, Myq Kaplan, Rob Paravonian, Joshua Bush, Ben Stahl, and Daniel Hill. And that doesn't even include the countless people who have indirectly helped out, and continue to do so.

The Ceej lets his lack of sanity shine not just in the music, but on the cover art and, with the limb count of a spider, how could he go possibly wrong with this one? The parodies on this album, range from Edgar Allan Poe to contemporary Slipknot. He even kept at it until he wrote a funny Justin Bieber parody, despite many failed attempts to do so. This is also the first The Ceej album to include an original tune.

This album went through a record number of changes to its title, with Armed & Gregarious being its sixth and final. The Ceej is known for including satirical parodies in with the farcy ones and this album is no exception. With some of his most politically critical parodies to date, as well as poking fun at seemingly benign social issues. "Weird Al" Yankovic owns a copy of this, so shouldn't you buy one too?

Wanna hear a track from this album? Here's a parody of Justin Bieber!

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The tracks on this CD are as follows:

      • 1. American Lie (Parody of American Pie by Don McLean)
      • 2. Crazy (Parody of Baby by Justin Bieber)
      • 3. My Fan Fiction Yaoi Feature (Parody of the theme song to The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
      • 4. I'm So Indicted! (Parody of I'm So Excited! by The Pointer Sisters)
      • 5. Plea Bargain (Parody of Out Of My Head by Fastball)
      • 6. The Greatest American Schizo (Parody of Believe It Or Not by Stephen Geyer and Mike Post)
      • 7. Puttin' On A Blitz (Parody of Puttin' On The Ritz by Taco)
      • 8. Got It Made (Parody of Not Afraid by Eminem)
      • 9. Sodomy (Parody of Honesty by Billy Joel)
      • 10. Bob For Change (Parody of The Times They Are A-Changin' by Bob Dylan)
      • 11. I Shot You Babe (Parody of I Got You Babe by Sonny & Cher)
      • 12. Stuff (Parody of Snuff by Slipknot)
      • 13. An Overplayed Tune (Parody of According To You by Orianthi)
      • 14. Before Fun Was Invented (Parody of Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley & His Comets)
      • 15. Both Sides Now (Parody of Both Sides Now by Judy Collins in the style of Tom Lehrer)
      • 16. The Magic Of Religion (Parody of Abracadabra by The Steve Miller Band)
      • 17. You (Parody of Blue by Eiffel 65)
      • 18. In A Speedo (Parody of In The Ghetto by Elvis Presley)
      • 19. The Lady (Parody Of The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe)
      • 20. I Don't Wanna Be Right (Original comedy song by The Ceej featuring Ben Stahl.)


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