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Old School Albums

Some Of The Writing Is Good... If You Can Handle The Awful Sound.

Cover art for the old The Ceej CD, Comin' Out The ClosetCover art for the old The Ceej CD, Give Me Hollywood Or Give Me Death!Cover art for the old The Ceej CD, CJ, You've Been Punk'd
Cover art for the old The Ceej CD, Burning Down The HouseCover art for the old The Ceej CD, Rock BottomCover art for the old The Ceej CD, Birling: For Spittle? Not Fair!

Much of the writing is good, but these albums were very hard to listen to. The songs were recorded, in his own bedroom, in real time, with the original in the background, most of them on audio cassette. Three of them were made even before he obtained the name by which we all know him today. It was very hard for The Ceej to find someone willing to listen long enough to hear the comedy, and it frustrated him very much. This is why he's remade several of the songs with quality recordings. Want to know how bad? Listen to the below song at your own risk. And don't say we didn't warn you. We assume no liability, expressed or implied, for any physical or mental damage as a direct or indirect result of listening to this song (from the album Give Me Hollywood Or Give Me Death!)

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If you really are interested in one of these, please use the contact link at the top of the page to make a request or to ask for a price, but we highly recommend against these particular albums because of the sub-par sound quality. We would recommend that you improve the quality of The Ceej's work even more by using the donate button above rather than torture yourself with the old school stuff. And that's not just because we have no overhead that way.


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