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Patriotism Is A Funny Thing In That It Causes Psychosis...

Cover art for The Ceej: PatriPSYCHotic!

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PatriPSYCHotic! is the 2010 double album from The Ceej. It features front artwork by Joshua Mitchell (Of the Gods & Demons painting series) and the title song's back-up vocals by Veteran Of Conscience (Of the United States military). It has a running theme which is humourous, provocative (and, at times, offensive) that challenges the American form of tribalism known as patriotism. It is far from shy in its message, and Canadian screenwriter, Alan Holman (Banana Chan) said, about this album, "Mr. Ceej's muse is not affected by such inhibiting factors as taste." In addition to this theme, there are other satirical elements poking fun at sex, violence, failed careers, and more. "Weird Al" Yankovic owns a copy of this double album and The Ceej was nice enough to autograph it for him. How's that for an endorsement?

Still undecided? Try these preview tracks: This Song Was Big In '82 and Why?


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If you'd like to know the track listing, that is listed below.

One Disc:

Another Disc:

1. PatriPSYCHotic!

1. State Of Confusion

2. This Song Was Big In '82

2. Why?

3. You're So Gay

3. The Other Side

4. A Catsitting Disaster

4. The First Time

5. Good Charlatans

5. My World

6. For Those Of You Who Still Don't Get Hotel California

6. Learn A Flipping Lesson

7. Sikk: I Am

7. I Cave

8. For My Asian Boyfriend

8. Eyes On Oscar

9. To The Homophobes

9. Good Television

10. You Had No Right

10. You Had No Right ('09)

11. Ignorance Is Bliss

11. Forbidden Love

12. What If AT&T Ran The Suicide Hotline?

12. What's Become Of This World?


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